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PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd provides independent consultancy services and carries out contract work on a global basis within the fields of electrical engineering and applied physics.


Consultancy Services provided by PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd.


The company's services cover six main categories of consulting and contract work, namely:


1. Research.

2. Product-related.

3. Project management.

4. Risk management.

5. Seminars & presentations, education & training.

6. Site evaluations and surveys.


Fields of specialisation across all of these service areas include all aspects of lightning protection, earthing and grounding, surge and transient protection for buildings, facilities, sites and their occupants across all industries, and related aspects in the field of high voltage engineering.


PhysElec’s highest priority is to provide clients with exceptional quality of service in these areas. All work is undertaken in the strictest of confidence and is carried out according to an internationally recognised Code of Ethics.


If you have not used our service yet, please contact us, we would like you to share in our success.






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